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In this guide, we will run you through the basics of how to contact DGCustomerFirst, in case you face any issues at Dollar General Stores. Dollar General is known for their customer satisfaction and makes sure that their customer service is easily accessible and efficient at solving issues.

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How to contact DGCustomerFirst?

Postal and Office Address: You can reach out DGCustomerFirst the old school way by sending an inquiry or complaint letter to the following address.

Dollar General Corporation

100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville,


United States- 37072.

Other ways to contact DGCustomerFirst:

Telephone dial: DGCustomer first is quick to respond to calls and you can reach them at their number (615) 855-4000. It must be noted that their telephone helpline is open only from Monday to Friday.

Email address: You can contact Dollar General via email if you have printed financial documents for your complaint, just visit and enter your personal details, you will be contacted on your email shortly. For other purposes, it is recommended to contact Dollar General via social media.

Social media: Keeping up with the times’ Dollar General has an active social media handle on Twitter, apart from giving you updates the Twitter account can also be used to contact Dollar General. You can reach them by following @DollarGeneral.

Website address: The dollar website has is your go-to stop for information related to dollar products and logistics. It has pretty much got you covered in all cases; we recommend checking their website before attempting to contact them by these other methods.

We believe this guide was successful in solving your queries regarding Dollar General. In case of inconveniences don’t shy away from contacting them as they have one of the best customer services in the United States.